Vampires have been an allure from the first moment I saw a thick leaden fog roll down our isolated country road when I was thirteen. I recall peering out the window late one summer night and remarking to my cousin over my shoulder. “It looks as if any moment a vampire will walk out of the midst.” Being the type of child that always had a heart toward the proverbial bad guy, vampires were just misunderstood in my opinion. When I picked up pen to write my very first paranormal romance vampires were the obvious hero. However, I needed someone unusual to be their mate. Witches, another very misunderstood character from fiction had to be their partners. So that is how I came to spin the tales of vampires and witches. My vampires hold all the magnetism of ancient lore. They are robust striking men whose needs to consume the women who imprison their souls are intense. No ordinary mortal woman will satisfy their blood lusts. My witches are women of not only extraordinary powers, but know exactly the man they want and know how to get him. Keeping them is not the problem the fight against good and evil however can become complicated.


Provocative vampires who meet their matches in the witchy women who stake claim to their souls and devour their hearts.