I write historical romance based on a western theme. Ever since I was a young girl I have always had a fascination with cowboys and the women who loved them. Their lifestyles never looked easy, and I quickly found an admiration for these wonderful amazing hardworking people. Combine my captivation for cowboys with my infatuation with Native American history and the Old West and you have the stories I cannot wait to pen. My heroes are not only rugged and handsome they love their women with possessive venom that sinks to the core. They will move the Laramie Mountains if that is what it takes to prove their loyalty and love. My heroines are exquisite from the inside out. Yet, it is not their splendor that will capture the heart of my readers it is their incredible ability to overcome even the utmost turmoil life has to offer.


Highly-flavored women who require even spicier men to hold their hearts and their passions forever.