J.J. Devine

Author Bio

Reading and writing has been J.J.’s passion her whole life.  Starting out with being the poet, everyone came to in high school to get that “perfect” poem for his or her boyfriend/girlfriend.  She spent her weekends locked away in her room, curled up on her bed, writing short stories for only a selected few readers.

She has been happily married for 25 years to her trucker husband.  She is a mother of three, grandmother of three; a lover of dogs, cats, and fish. 

J.J. started to pen historical romance as a hobby when her youngest child was a year old.  She got serious about her writing career joining Romance Writers of America and Indiana Romance Writers of America in 2004.  She penned her first paranormal romance in 25 days in July of 2009. 

Since retiring from the outside working world, she has dedicated her life to her writing and her writing world.  J.J. has penned six completed novels, both historical and paranormal.  Perfecting her synopsizes, queries, and actively seeking publishing.